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To run StreamyTunes, download the zip-archive and extract it to a directory of your choice. Then double click the file called StreamyTunes.jar (or type java -jar StreamyTunes.jar in the terminal).

Requires Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0

Note: If your are experiencing problems with the streaming client it might be the router blocking specifik ports. To fix this click here.


Play music! StreamyTunes offers the most common sound player functions through an easy to use interface.

Stream music! Just have to show a new song to a friend, but don't have time for the transmission to finish? Stream it over and get rid of annoying down- and upload-times.

Share music! Pick your favourite songs to share with your friends. Easy accessible via an auto generated webpage.

Get music tips! StreamyTunes interacts with MusicTipster to guide you towards new music experiences.


StreamyTunes wallpaper [1024x768]