About StreamyTunes

StreamyTunes was created by six students at the Royal Institute of Technology during a project course, 4 weeks in May 2005. The students (aka The OctoGroup) are:

  • Lisa Andersson
  • Peter Blumenthal
  • Mandus Elfving
  • Daniel Jaurén
  • Ousman Ndaw
  • Niklas Udd

The main course goal of the project was creating a cool multimedia program using the project method Extreme Programming (XP).

The students decided to focus on sound processing, but felt that creating a normal sound player just wasn't cool enough. So, what else could be added to get that coolness out of the program? The answer turned out to be: listening to your home music files from your school computer without having doublets of the files. StreamyTunes was born!

To get in touch with the students behind the project, go to the contact page.